Court Closings Due to COVID-19 (Illinois & Wisconsin)

All courthouses in Illinois and Wisconsin, in which we practice extensively, have implemented policies and procedures to reduce the transmission of COVID-19.  As a result, most courts ceased a significant portion of operations, which includes most civil court hearings.  The majority of non-emergency matters scheduled for the next 30 days have either been postponed or continued to a specific later date. We have attached a chart which shows the cancellations and each court’s updated procedures.  The procedures are critical since this is a fluid situation that appears to change on a daily basis.  We are monitoring these updates and we will continue to keep you informed.

NOTE: This information provided as a convenience, however with the situation rapidly changing please visit the court’s website or call the court directly for the most current information. 


County/Jurisdiction Hearing Status Last Update
Cook The circuit court will begin hearing all matters in all Districts and Divisions of the court, with the exception of jury trials

Judges will be available in person or remotely in each Division, Department, and District to hear emergency matters.

DeKalb Court operation to resume with precaution. Face mask required. 06/01/20
DuPage Daily court calls are significantly reduced or will proceed by remote means only.

Persons represented by a public defender or private attorney are not required to appear in court until or unless ordered to do so by a judge.

Temperature readings will be taken of all persons upon entry, face mask required and social distancing.

Kane Cases continued to after June 1st. Open on limited basis. Face mask required. 06/01/20
Lake Effective June 1st, all court calls will be conducted over Zoom. 05/26/20
McHenry Court opening as of June 1st. Matters being heard remotely and in person. Face mask and social distancing required. 05/21/20
Peoria Court opening as of June 1st, with restrictions and 50% occupancy.

Regular hearings are being conducted remotely.

Will Court is open. Face mask and social distancing required. 05/27/20
Northern District (Bankruptcy) Open but all court calls conducted telephonically on modified schedule. 05/18/20
Northern District (Civil) Open with safety precautions. 06/05/20
1st Appellate District Open with a due date extension of 30 days for Briefs Due on or before April 20th.

Requirement of six (6) duplicate copies of brief waived until May 15th.

2nd Appellate District Open with restricted access.

All filing deadlines remain with loosened restrictions on submitting paper copies to Court.

Illinois Supreme Court Court is open and accessible.

3rd Amended General Order extended certain deadlines by 28 days.

Civil hearings, bench trials, and settlement conferences to be conducted remotely. In-court limited to urgent matters that cannot be done remotely.

Civil jury trials will not be conducted before August 3rd.



County/Jurisdiction Hearing Status Last Update
Milwaukee Open. 05/27/20
Racine Open. Trials and some hearings postponed until after May 22nd. 05/18/20
Walworth Open with safety precautions. 06/08/20
Waukesha Courthouse open. Some working remotely. 05/29/20
Eastern District (Civil/Bankruptcy) Courthouse open as of June 1st.

Some hearings to be conducted by telephone or video conference.

Access to the Clerk of Court’s public counter will be limited to appointments only, beginning July 2nd.

Western District (Civil) Suspended all jury trials through June 30th.

Other hearings to proceed electronically through June 30th.

Western District (Bankruptcy) Open and proceedings go on as scheduled. 03/13/20
Wisconsin Supreme Court Operational with reduced calendaring. 03/22/20

NOTE: This information provided as a convenience, however with the situation rapidly changing please visit the court’s website or call the court directly for the most current information.